Day 3 - Wednesday 12/13/23 Schedule

Chris Washburn

Day 3
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SHOW HOST: Chris Washburn
Chris's Biography
Chris is a passionate superhero fan nerd that also loves Céline Dion, Korean barbecue, golden retrievers and occasionally his wife. He won 16 intramural championships while attending Ithaca College in an array of sports, including ping-pong, flag football softball, and coed volleyball. Speaking of winning, Chris is also a notable player in the high stakes poker world as he regularly plays on some of the world’s most popular televised poker shows. Things Chris despises are inauthenticity, conversational narcissists, tofu, and snakes. If you wanna know more about his DJ career, there’s plenty of content and press kit material on his social media and only fans. You can also Google or ask ChatGPT.
Day 3
9:00a – 10:00a
Registration & Badge Pickup
It’s time to pick up your tickets, or if you haven’t registered yet to sign up and be part of the action. The sooner you get your tickets, the bigger the savings.
Tony Fernandez
Day 3
9:00a – 10:00a
Tony Fernandez: Music Roundtable
Let’s talk about the ONE thing that unites ALL DJs. We’ll do a deep dive into how music affects us and our patrons. We’ll discuss remixes, how they work or don’t work. Let’s talk about how DJs should be well versed and prepared with the tools at their disposal and discuss the pro’s and con’s of playlists.
Tony's Biography
Born and raised in NYC gave Tony his foundation for the love of music. He carried that passion to Virginia where he established himself in high school, college and the greater Richmond area. Whether working mobile events, corporate events, weddings, college events, nightclubs or festivals, he’s always ready for the party at hand. The passion for music has also led to a passion of sound reinforcement. Doing events for 75 people, 275 people or 5,275 people, Tony will ensure that every patron comes away with the best experience. Presenter at DJ Times / DJX since 2018
Thomas Heath
Day 3
10:00a – 11:00a
Thomas Heath: Being A M.C. Doesn't Make You Lame
This presentation is all about how a DJ can become an amazing Master of Ceremonies (MC) at weddings and events. It’s packed with practical tips to engage the crowd, add storytelling magic to your DJ sets, and keep the energy soaring. We’ll talk about how to smoothly blend your DJ and MC roles, adapt to the vibe of the room, and create those unforgettable surprise moments. By mastering both roles, you can truly make any event unforgettable and leave everyone talking about it for years to come.
Thomas's Biography
Meet Thomas Heath, the guy who takes events to the next level. He’s not just a DJ; he’s a master of ceremonies (MC) on a mission to make events unforgettable. But here’s what makes Thomas unique – he’s not your average event enthusiast. He’s a married man who knows how to create memorable moments personally and professionally. Beyond the turntables, he’s a violin player, adding a musical twist to his skills. Plus, he’s a video game aficionado, always leveling up the excitement. And there’s more to Thomas. He’s a passionate pit bull advocate and rescuer, spreading positivity in the real world. With years of experience and a passion for creating unforgettable moments, Thomas has been a featured speaker at events like Wedding MBA, Midwest DJs Live, ARMDJs, and more. 
Lou Paris
Day 3
11:00a – 12:00p
Floor Focus
A dedicated time slot so our incredible vendors can have your undivided attention.

Day 3

EV Highlight Performance
Tech Roundtable
Day 3
12:00p – 1:00p
The Tech Roundtable
Join Ben, Lou, and Tyler on a talk on tech from all different angles.
Matt Radicelli
Day 3
1:00p – 2:00p
Matt Radicelli: Using Data To Make Informed Business Decisions
Data is the great equalizer to understand all the signs that your business is throwing up. Be it good or bad it is imperative to understand the what’s and why’s of data.
Matt's Biography
Matt is an Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Presenter, DJ, and Event Pro. Matt recently sold his largest event-based businesses and founded Mentor Pods Group Coaching. With a 50/50 split for creative and analytical skills and an expert level understanding of all business disciplines, his passion is ‘leveling up’ business owners and executives. Above all else, Matt keeps his priorities straight. Family first. Period.
Nick Duve
Day 3
Nick Duve: Peace & Profit - The Balance of True Success

My journey of how embracing sacrifice and leading with values can eventually lead to both personal and financial success

Nick's Biography

Nick Duve, a seasoned Event Host and DJ with over 23 years in the industry, stands out as a single-op DJ with extensive expertise and experience in both multi-op and talent agency business models. His dynamic performances range from national TV to the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, and his recent openings for the Zac Brown Band and Pat Benatar highlight his diverse skill set. Holding a Master Talent contract with The Walt Disney Company, Nick has an impressive client roster including Fortune 50 companies and is poised to perform at the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney on New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World. Known for creating unforgettable experiences, Nick’s unique blend of energy and expertise makes him a top choice for memorable events.

Thomas Heath
Day 3
3:00p – 4:00p
Troy Adams: Take Control Of Your Time
These days, we’re all busy. But is your busy by design? Overburdened schedules, others’ agendas, and poor planning all result in less success and more burnout. Most people let their schedule run them, instead of taking charge of their time. Or maybe they have a plan, but constantly let others distract them. It all results in working too much, for too little. We’re going to change that with this talk. In this powerful presentation given at conferences nationwide, Troy will share steps to take control of your time and deter distractions.
Troy's Biography
A sought-after speaker, coach & DJ, Troy Adams was named one of the 500 Most Influential Event Pros by BizBash. He’s also an elite WeddingPro educator and owns Carolina DJ Professionals, a Top-10 US DJ company. Founder of the “Make Your Business Dance” coaching platform, Troy draws from 30 years’ experience to travel the country and help fellow pros design a better business.
Joshua Carl
Day 3
Joshua Carl: The VIdeo DJ - More Than Just Playing Videos

Let’s take some time to explore Video DJing.

Joshua's Biography

Joshua Carl (Strictly Hits / Crooklyn Clan / Xtendamix) offers a glimpse into the day-one side of video dj’ing for the uninitiated; and swiftly brings us up to date with how to turn your video sets into a visual swiss army knife of events solutions using a bit of hardware, software and ingenuity to be able to exceed expectations in both the club, corporate and mobile environments. While most of the panel will be focused on Serato & Mix Emergency, it will not exclude other Video-ready DVS as well as traditional “VJ” solutions

Meet the founders Lou, Tyler, and Chris on stage
Day 3
5:00p – 5:15p
Closing Remarks
Join Tyler, Chris, and Lou as we wrap up our 2023 Expo.