Day 2 - Tuesday 12/12/23 Schedule

Chris Washburn

Day 2
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SHOW HOST: Chris Washburn
Chris's Biography
Chris is a passionate superhero fan nerd that also loves Céline Dion, Korean barbecue, golden retrievers and occasionally his wife. He won 16 intramural championships while attending Ithaca College in an array of sports, including ping-pong, flag football softball, and coed volleyball. Speaking of winning, Chris is also a notable player in the high stakes poker world as he regularly plays on some of the world’s most popular televised poker shows. Things Chris despises are inauthenticity, conversational narcissists, tofu, and snakes. If you wanna know more about his DJ career, there’s plenty of content and press kit material on his social media and only fans. You can also Google or ask ChatGPT.
Day 2
9:00a – 10:00a
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Matt Radicelli
Day 2
9:00a – 10:00a
Matt Radicelli: Reporting Metrics Roundtable
Advanced reporting metrics can transform your approach to business in the entertainment industry. Learn how to harness the predictive power of data to identify trends, make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and innovate. This seminar is a beacon for DJs and other event professionals aspiring to elevate their strategies and foresight.
Matt's Biography
Matt is an Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Presenter, DJ, and Event Pro. Matt recently sold his largest event-based businesses and founded Mentor Pods Group Coaching. With a 50/50 split for creative and analytical skills and an expert level understanding of all business disciplines, his passion is ‘leveling up’ business owners and executives. Above all else, Matt keeps his priorities straight. Family first. Period.
Mike Walter
Day 2
10:00a – 11:00a
Rachel Lynch: From Clicks to Connections
In today’s digital age, customers value authenticity and a personal connection with the companies they support. With the rise of social media and the demand for genuine and engaging content, DJ Rachel explores the power of vlogging to enhance your marketing efforts and attract more business to your brand. This seminar delves into leveraging video content to connect with your target audience, boost your online presence, and ultimately achieve tremendous business success. Prepare to elevate your marketing game to the next level with content that truly matters.
Rachel's Biography
DJ Rachel is an energetic open-format DJ specializing in weddings and unique celebrations. With over 15 years of experience, she commands any dance floor with a fresh and timeless mixing style. With a 10-year nightlife residency as well as opening for iconic entertainers including George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and Disco Queen Gloria Gaynor, DJ Rachel has conclusively emerged as a premier DJ in the North East and a globally known content creator. 
Lou Paris
Day 2
11:00a – 12:00p
Lou Paris: Advanced Ceremony Talk
For some people, a ceremony system can mean just so basic playback, maybe a microphone to capture some sound. But for others a ceremony can be not only a profitable edition, but one of incredible sound projection, capture, and an elevated experience for your clients. Take a journey into DJ Lou’s ceremony setup, and other ceremony system concepts, as we explore the why’s of advanced ceremony solutions, how each piece is an intricate addition, and in the end produce extraordinary ceremonies for your clients.
Lou's Biography
Lou Paris DJ career started in 1988, initially as a roadie for a friend it quickly turned to a joint venture. From there Lou grasped onto college radio and DJing various house parties at SUNY Canton ultimately parlaying into commercial radio intitally in VT and landing in Washington DC. Lou also had various stints in the club circuit including DC Live and The Ritz nightclubs.

Coincidentally, Lou is also a successful 25+ year IT professional which initially saw Lou hanging up his headphones for 13 years (mostly) until the opportunity arose to start a sucessful wedding DJ buisiness. From there Lou has become a leader in the Mobile DJ industry merging his technology knowledge with his passion for music.


Day 2

EV Highlight Performance
Lou Paris

Day 2
12:20p – 2:00p

Floor Focus
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Ben Stowe
Day 2
2:00p – 2:30p
Ben Stowe: It's Not Business, It's Personal
Take some time to learn more about the successes and struggles that Ben has encountered through his life and career.
Ben's Biography
Ben serves the industry as the President of NLFX Professional, an industry leading supplier of sound, lighting and video systems, a role he has maintained since founding the company in 1993. His love for electronics and technology were inspired from the age of 5. Encouraged by a neighbor who ran a TV repair shop, Ben’s enthusiasm flourished into his education in Electricity, Electronics, Robotics, and Lasers. His relentless passion for education has led to a numerous certifications and accreditations, handling massive critical environments like NCAA Division 1 Football, large scale concerts, and even training various US Armed Forces branches and more. In 2023 Ben was inducted into the inaugural class of the Mobile Entertainment Hall of Fame. His technical writings, lectures, presentations, are globally known as well as research and development assistance with a number of manufacturers for industry-wide products.

Oh yeah, he likes Star Wars too. 🙂

Lou Paris
Day 2
2:30p – 3:00p
Lou Paris: Taking Command Of Your Business w/ cue
Lou simply hit a point of frustration using some of the other platforms out there, to the point he was crazy enough to start a whole new platform with some fundamental differences.
Lou's Biography
Lou Paris has been DJing since 1988 and has a deep passion for music of all styles and genres and became a wedding DJ in 2012. Coincidentally, Lou is also a successful 25+ year IT professional and has merged many technology concepts to ensure a successful night of entertainment.
Lou Paris
Day 2
3:00p – 4:00p
Floor Focus
A dedicated time slot so our incredible vendors can have your undivided attention.
Mike Napoli
Day 2
4:30p – 5:00p
Mike Napoli: Creating the Perfect Mixtape
Prepare for a massive deep dive into how Mike integrates solutions like Ableton into his live DJ Sets. We’ll explore the core DJ skill set, emphasizing the importance of transcending the role of a mere human Spotify playlist and expanding your knowledge and skill repertoire to enhance your DJ performances.
Mike's Biography
Mike, a seasoned DJ, ignited his career in 1997 at the age of 14, fueled by an unrelenting passion for music and a diverse range of genres. His musical journey encompasses an appreciation for early 90’s old-school hip-hop and iconic figures like John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and Curtis Mayfield, coupled with a fascination for battle DJs and mixtape luminaries like DJ Premier, Kid Capri, and DJAM. With a talent that shone brightly, he earned second place in a 2005 local DJ competition, propelling him into residencies at local clubs and gigs with bands. In 2011, he ventured into private events, steadily growing his company, SoundFormula Entertainment, all while pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in his craft.
Rohit Goswamy
Day 2
5:00p – 6:00p
Rohit Goswamy: Handling Multicultural Events
Rohit's Biography
Rob Peters
Day 2
6:00p – 7:00p
Rob Peters: Rolling With Change At Your Event
Country music icon Dolly Parton once said “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” Mobile DJs have to deal with situations that cause changes on a frequent basis. In this seminar, industry veteran Rob Peters discusses how to deal with change and the unexpected in your mobile DJ business and throughout an event. Using real industry situations and examples, Rob will help DJs and business owners understand how DJs handle change can be beneficial, and/or could affect the bottom line. From contract issues with clients to specific event situations, this seminar will help DJs be better prepared.
Rob's Biography
For over 30 years, Rob Peters of Rob Peters Entertainment in Massachusetts has developed services and branded his services to appeal to specific audiences and client bases for unique and fun services. Having a targeted approach to his business, Rob’s companies survived COVID and has been recognized in the marketplace for Trivia, Game Shows and Corporate Entertainment, RPE also has previous success with kids entertainment with specialized emphasis in the day care industry.
Stephanie Rivkin

Night 2
8:00p – 1:00a

Year End Rewind Party!
Join some incredible DJs flexing their skills on the stage, all capping with a performance by the one and only Skratch Bastid!