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Next-Level Entertainment

Our year-end Rewind Party highlights some of the best entertainers in the world, from the Mobile DJ world to incredible performers like Skratch Bastid in 2023.

Enriching Education

Diving deeper than any other expo, we get into the 201, 301, and further levels the technical aspects and personal perspectives

The Speaker Shootout

Come to the ONLY DJ expo in the world where you get to hear speakers in their typcial environments so you can determine what works for you. Complete with technical results from Ben Stowe & Lou Paris.

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What Is Harvest Of Sound?

Harvest of Sound is Boston and New England’s ONLY DJ convention. Featuring the top manufacturers in the industry, Harvest of Sound gives you the opportunity to hear, and test equipment side by side. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we believe everyone should evolve with it. 

The Speaker Shootout, shepherded by Ben Stowe and Lou Paris, is unlike anything in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to not only see test results done by a legend in the industry, but to also hear each speaker side by side under real world conditions.

Our seminars are designed to not only elevate your business, but yourself as well. Featuring a diverse pool of incredible professionals from our industry that will leave you with the advice to take your business, and yourself to the next level. 

Our trade show will feature the top manufacturers and vendors bringing you closer to them allows you to ask your questions directly. 

And we have to bring the fun with outstanding parties from some of the top DJs like 2023’s feature performer the legendary Skratch Bastid


Exhibit At Harvest Of Sound

Harvest of Sound provides an intimate and exclusive group of discerning DJs and other professionals that are looking for advanced education to elevate their businesses and to judge for themselves countless speakers in our one-of-a-kind shootout.

Please reach out to for information to exhibit at Harvest of Sound.

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Present At Harvest Of Sound

Do you have a unique topic that you can talk eloquently on for a while? Are you a seasoned presenter or new to the game? We encourage you to submit a request to present at 2024’s Harvest of Sound. Be sure to fill out the form. We will be discussing our final candidates over the year.

DJ Lou Paris, Skratch Bastid, Tony T, and Dook

Perform At Harvest Of Sound

Think you have what it takes to perform to one of the toughest group to entertain… DJs? Fill in your request for 2024’s various slots including the Rewind Party.

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